Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Painting on a Winter Day

Temps in the low 30s, cold air and cold wind, warm fire, sweet dogs and kitty all nestled and snoozing, and a glass or two of Red Oak Hummingbird beer... all leading to new watercolors, framed and ready for sale! I have a little holiday bazaar on Sunday afternoon, and I'm hoping the new mini oils, such as Breathe Deeply seen above, and framed watercolors will find new homes. If not, I'll be listing on my website and/or Etsy next week. See something you like? Give me a shout!

Oh the dreams we dream at twilight, my favorite time of the day. I love the lighting. Twilight Wanderings is a 4 x 6 framed in black wood.

Under the Canopy is a 4 x 6 framed in pale blue wood and accented with a little carving of two open hands releasing a bird. It's a reminder of life, joy, and the warmth of summer with the trees in full leaf.

I simply was overjoyed when I found this gently-golden frame because it reminds me of the gold light of a winter morning just as the sun comes over the trees. And it's got a perfect line of red around it... I knew it was just what this 4 x 4 Winter Cardinals watercolor needed.

A view of autumn from the mountain up behind my house, this 4 x 4 watercolor is titled Autumn's Glory and is framed in reddish-brown wood.

Delight of Autumn, a 4 x 6, seems to be the perfect fit for this off-white frame with a brown border. I am quite pleased with the whole package.

A chubby warbler sits among the greenery of the forest, meditating on the day's affairs and the song he will sing. Meditation is a 5 x 7 framed in a lovely brown wood.

Two birds having a little chat amongst the twining leaves of autumn, Talking It Over is a 4 x 6 framed in pale green wood and accented with a metal half-moon with a vine motif.

Until next time, breathe deeply, spend some time in meditation, delight in the season, look for the winter cardinals, love the twilight hours, and celebrate friendships old and new and the wonder of life!


  1. ohhhh i ADORE the Breathe Deeply peace... love those golden yellows and cobalt blues... a BIG thumb up on that one, Rebecca dear !

    I share your new song with Bruce today :)

    Best wishes with sales this weekend...

  2. ...seeing your work framed gives it another dimension--and it's lovely! It is one thing to see a flat reproduction, but to see a three-dimensional setting allows the viewer to imagine the artical in their home environment--a great idea!

  3. Wish I could be there for the little bazaar! Love to see all these in person! Great job!

  4. Great to see your pieces Rebecca, and they look so stunning in the frames! Wow. You've been very prolific :)
    I always love your use of color.

  5. Your work looks fabulous framed! I'll bet you had many admirers at the bazaar! I just love them all! Isn't it amazing how some days it seems everything is just right and you can get gobs accomplished!