Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not A Wordless Wednesday

I will never understand how some folks live without pets in their lives. Animals bring such wonderful companionship, warmth, joy, and comfort, and I have been blessed to experience this for all the years I have been on this planet. When I was young, we had cats. As I became an adult, I had my own cats, but I also brought dogs into my home. As my human children came along, we had pet hamsters, rats, and guinea pigs too. Here are the current members of our family.

The Queen, our oldest pack member... Abby

The Other Queen, our 2nd oldest pack member... Scout

My Handsome Prince, and the newest pack member... Foster

The Sweetest Princess, also fairly new to the pack... Cooper

My Grandpuppy Princess, a true delight... Empi

And my part-time puppies, the ones I dog-sit for on occasion... Sophie, Lexi, Carla

And such good friends they are...

Until next time, share a smile, kiss the ones you love, and let sleeping dogs lie.


  1. Such sweet looking furries!! Blessed indeed!

  2. What a bunch of beauties! I'm envious! I only have three cats and two dogs, but my husband tells me that is four too many!! He won't part with any of them and neither will the photos! So much love to share!