Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday Giveaway: The gift of sharing

It's that time of year again... the holiday season! It's a time to think especially about our blessings, say a prayer of thanks for the goodness in our lives, and share wonderful times with family and friends over a table filled with bounty. But moreover, I hope that each one of us will think on those people among us whose lives are not as fortunate, who struggle physically, mentally, or financially, and I hope that we each find a way to somehow offer a ray of hope to them, whether it is through a charitable donation, hours spent in volunteer work, or simply a smile and a touch on the shoulder.

I am especially thankful for the color in my life, the colors of the woods, the birds, the mountains, the colors of the characters I meet online and in my daily life, of my friends and family, my local community. So, as a way to show my thankfulness and as a way of saying thank you to those who have supported my online and physical shops, who have become steadfast friends, either online or up close, I am offering this giveaway for this holiday season.

Here's all you need to do.
1) If you haven't yet become a blog follower, please do so, and IF you are on Facebook, please "like" my page there too.
2) Once you have done these things, simply post here a special thought or memory of your holiday season (what is special about it for you, how you will celebrate, a childhood memory, OR even how you will help make it better for someone else).
3) Then tell me which of the three necklaces offered you would like to have.
4) Be sure that I have your contact information... either Etsy shop or email info!!

Choose from:
Necklace #1
18 inches with the jasper oval drop adding approx 2 inches. In earthy colors with hematite hearts, cubes, and rounds, yellow and white quartz, serpentine jade, glass seed beads

Necklace #2
16 inches with lovely shades of mookaite, turquoise rounds, mother of pearl discs, Czech turquoise crystals, sterling silver, and glass seed beads

Necklace #3
18 inches of peach, rose, and browns with jasper pendant (appx 2 x 1/2 inch), unakite, shell, faceted cat's eye, and glass seed beads

The giveaway will be open until Thanksgiving Day, November 25. The winner will be randomly drawn and notified that weekend so that the package can be mailed by the first of December.

So share your holiday thoughts and let's all share a smile as we read them!


  1. Rebecca, what a fabulous post and lovely giveaway! And you know I follow you here, there, everywhere - online and in my heart.

    When I remember those long ago childhood holidays, I always picture our family home covered in snow, with a big fir tree aglow in the living room window. Of course I lived in Texas, where it never ever snowed at Christmastime. And because I was allergic to evergreens, we always had a little artifical tree. Now we live in Maine and my allergy is a thing of the past, so Joe and I go out and cut a big fir from our woods. But I'm yet to see that White Christmas I remember so well.

    I love all your necklaces (and all your other things too), so it's hard to choose the one I'd most love to own. But I'll say Necklace #2!

  2. ... And here's a real holiday memory. One Christmas when I was a teenager our church youth group took boxes of food and other necessities donated by the congregation to a needy family in the neighborhood. I don't think anybody in that family spoke a word of English or had any idea who these young folks were, but I'll never forget the look on their children's faces as they explored their little gifts. The mother had just given birth to a chubby baby boy, and I remember the softness of his silky black hair as I stroked his wee head.

  3. I am told, when I was about 4 years old, I decided to try out my first swear word on Xmas morning, running out to the tree and announcing, loudly (in front of the grandparents, no less), "Look at all these DAMN presents!" Needless to say, my parents were thrilled. ;)

    Necklace #3 is my choice because my mom would love it if she found it under the tree this year (and I'll keep my foul mouth to myself. ;))

  4. So beautiful Rebecca- just like you :)

    I wish all those who enter this fabulous give-away special blessings ! I was fortunate enough to win the last give-away and am deliriously happy with my treasure- i G I V E T H A N K S to you dear friend.


  5. I'm not a Fcebooker yet..so this will ahve to be good wishes to you Rebecca and not an entry!! Lovely work, lovely idea!

  6. Lovely giveaway! So hard to chose, but I would love to have #2!

    As for a Christmas memory, I would have to say the first Xmas with my twin girls is one of my favs. I had them pose for a pic. and I remember their round chubby cheeks under the glow of our xmas tree lights in their little Xmas outfits! So cute!

  7. I will follow you anywhere!! Not playing but I love the idea.
    Good Luck to all! These are all lovely necklaces and it would be so hard to choose.
    Stevie j

  8. A lovely post and beautiful jewelry. I'm not a Facebook or Twitter person, but would love to share a memory. My Uncle Randolph was a premmie and always a little "slow". He was short in stature, a bit odd looking, and required some patience but his heart was as big as Christmas. He loved his family (all 11 brothers and sisters), but wasn't always included in their holidays. My mother, Uncle Ran's older sister, made sure he spent the holidays with us. My dear uncle and my parents are no longer with us, but every holiday I sense they are present and enjoying our small celebrations. They are missed and thought of often. If you have a family member or friend spending the holidays alone, please open your hearts and home to them. It means so much!

  9. For me "Beautiful-Memorable-Holiday" means meeting frinds after long time, lots of cakes & chocolates, new clothes... and of course watching smiles on each & every faces.

    I miss a lot celebrating Holidays with my parents!

    Most interesting thing is that, I came to share & read so many Holiday stories. Great Giveaway

  10. Love the 3rd necklace for my Mommy :)
    I remember Hanukah with my family, lighting the candles, having Mom's homemade potato latkes and opening little presents :0)