Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Get the Holiday Blues.... Give Them Instead

The wind is roaring, the skies are dark and ominously grey, leaves are fluttering and flying, and rain has been falling.... but the woodstove is warm and the dogs are great company! I'll be shutting down the computer soon, but I wanted to post this little treasury I created today. Just follow the link here for an up-close look! If you need some help with stocking stuffer and gift ideas, check out these wonderful items in shades of blue... all for under $25!! You can't hardly beat that!

Here are some other ideas as well that wouldn't fit in the treasury and some wouldn't fit in a stocking... these are a little larger so they'd be perfect for a wrapped gift.
Spread a little love with this sweet dog by DogBarks...

Alastair is dressed and ready for winter, by BlueberryFields...

Take a swim with this lab, a print by lkjohnston...

A very cool Tee by mediumcontrol...

And these really fab fingerless gloves by bysweetmom...


  1. Awesome, as per usual, Rebecca !
    DogBarks really makes wonderful doggie items :)


  2. I love all the blues you chose and the items are all so wonderful!

  3. How fun to have one of my books here - and to get to discover your wonderful blog!! Thanks so much - love to see the way you're are spreading beauty in the world! Kandice :-)


  4. Thank you for this wonderful feature! I love Alastair and the lab!

  5. wonderful blues,thanks a lot for including my gloves among these beauties!

  6. Great feature! Love the plaid blue dog!

  7. What a beautiful blue treasury and thanks for featuring our friend DogBarks - Alastair would be fun for a child or a grownup too - really all these creations are lovely :>)

  8. Wow, I love all these items! Thanks for including my dog painting!