Thursday, September 30, 2010

Treasury Features and Thanks

A blogger friend of mine (thanks, dear Nicole) regulary posts on treasuries in which she has been included and has showcased a few of my collections. I think that's a lovely idea, and I've decided to follow suit as a way to say thanks to those who take the time to curate lovely collections on Etsy and who have included me in their treasuries. To see the collection up close, follow the link by clicking on the title of the treasury.

Starting with Blackstar's collection... Autumn's Earth Tones

Katie has featured my Touch the Earth medicince bag, made for holding sacred treasures on life's journey. It's made from rusty-brown sueded leather. It measures approximately 3 x 3 1/2 inches and is stitched with strong, black waxed thread in an X pattern. It is handbeaded with jasper, jade, serpentine, green shell, and glass seed beads. It includes a sueded leather strap that allows the owner to hang it from a belt loop.

One of my favorite items in Katie's shop is this little lovely: a handknotted necklace featuring cubes of palmwood and horn and jet black beads. It's beautifully earthy and tribal, don't you think?

Next is another autumn beauty, this one by Gwen of dancingintherains, simply titled Autumn.

Gwen has featured my Le Chat painting, a little 6 x 12 oil on professional canvas with edges painted and wire on the back, ready to be hung.

Gwen makes some fabulous fabric items and she also has a thing for cats! One of my favorites in her shop is Mr. White with scarf... he's all ready for autumn! This cheerful cat shape plush is a great companion. He is made of cotton laine (cotton wool) with hand sewn face, his body stuffed with polyester fiber. He has a scarf which is removable. He is soft, 10 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide.

Mr. White leads nicely into this gorgeous collection, Off White is Just Right, by MazzyJewelryDesigns.

Erika has featured my Sing scrimshaw bookmark.
It's made from a recycled ivory piano key and is etched in the traditional scrimshaw method. It measures 4 x 1/2 inches and is adorned with leather and a turquoise and brown porcelain bead along with a river stone lampworked glass bead.

A favorite of mine in Erika's shop are these very romantic earrings... smoky quartz all wrapped up in sterling silver, perfectly titled Starlight. So pretty!

And one more treasury to showcase here today, a wintry collection by Poppyswickedgarden, aptly titled A Chill in the Air.

Poppy has featured my As the Crow Flies painting, an oil on professional 12 x 12 canvas. As always, the edges are painted and it's wired and ready for your wall!

Poppy has a few shops on Etsy, but in her poppywickedgarden shop, she has some really cool accessories and clothing. Here's one item I'd like to have in my closet... Timeless Love Arm Warmers. They are approximately 15" long and made from lovely white textured knit. She's finished them with elegant white lace trim and ruffle edging. I think they're gorgeous, don't you?

Thanks to these talented curators for sharing their collections on Etsy! There will be more posts like this one to come, as a way to share these beautiful treasuries and to show my appreciation. Until then, remember to buy handmade and remember to enjoy the beauty of life all around you!


  1. Rebecca--what a lovely thanks to those treasury-makers! And your items look beautiful--I wear my piano key all the time and get the most wonderful comments. It has so much impact on most people--it's a bone, music, ancient, ritual--I just love it!

  2. Wonderful post!! Gorgeous features!!
    Thanks for sharing...


  3. I love this idea also. and the choices are just great. Thanks for doing this.
    Stevie j

  4. What a great idea, Rebecca, to blog as a way of thanking others. Great treasuries!!

  5. Yes, this is a fab idea! Your shop is an easy one to feature on a treasury. The hard part is figuring which item to put in it! :)
    Thanks for posting my trej here. And for the kind words.

  6. This is the coolest idea!! Thank you so much!

  7. I just love your shop and these are fab treasuries! Congrats

  8. Fabulous Rebecca... Its so much fun !

    I have a huge blog post planned with all the Defenders of Wildlife Treasuries we created this month. what a line up. I've got to go work on that soon :)

    THANKS for mentioning me & linking to my blog.
    HUGS... Nicole

  9. I love this idea, Rebecca! Those treasuries are super, your items and the curators' items are wonderful! I'm smiling just looking at them and reading about them!

  10. Lovely idea! I like looking at the treasuries.

  11. Rebecca, this is a wonderful idea and I love the way you describe about all these treasuries. I feel very warm and happy to be here. Thank you for making beautiful handmade :D

  12. awwwe thank you so much, and thank you for making such beautiful art:)

  13. Great post....thanks for sharing all these fabulous artists!