Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Country Roads Exhibit

Lest you think I have been remiss, lazy, or up to no good... here's a little post to let you know I have been busy preparing for a solo art exhibit at the Stokes County Arts Council's Apple Gallery. I hung the show last week, took a few photos, and am preparing this week for the opening reception which takes place this Friday evening. I worked with the owner of the cafe next door to the gallery, and she will be open that evening for dinner and I've solicited one of my good friends who is also a fabulous musician to play that evening in the cafe. So it'll be a hot time on the streets of our little Stokes County town! Music, food, and art... all in one fell swoop! I'm sincerely hoping for a good crowd because we need some action 'round here!


  1. Ciao and wow! Rebecca; It looks and sounds great. Beautiful photos, lovely work; All the best for the show! Action. Yes!

  2. Good luck with you exhibition Rebecca!
    I thoroughly enjoyed your two previous articles - every point hit the right note with me, my thoughts exactly and experience too.
    Thank you so much for this, I know many people will benefit from reading this and thinking further.
    best wishes,

  3. What a beautiful arrangement for your show, Rebecca! It sounds wonderful, and I just wish we could be there in person! Oh, and nope, we never thought you were up to no good! :) Here's to a good show and yep, action!! xoxo

  4. Your works look wonderful on display, Rebecca!!

  5. Wonderful Rebecca! All the best for your opening.
    Bravo, Girl!

  6. Congratulations on hanging such a beautiful show, Rebecca! Love the gallery space and wish I could come see for myself. And meet you!!!
    May the show be a huge success for you!
    xoxo kz