Monday, August 23, 2010

Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Seventeen days ago... that was my last post. There are a couple important reasons for that. First, my computer crashed. And second, once that happened, I began reassessing some things. I have decided that I truly do not like computers. I know they are necessary for keeping your art out there, maintaining websites and online stores, promoting your work, and also for staying in touch with some distant friends. But oh my gosh, I do get tired of working at the computer, especially during the warm weather months when I'm much more inclined to create and to be outside, gardening, harvesting, playing with the dogs, or just bird- and lizard-watching. I know that the more time I spend on the computer, the less time I am actually creating and being present in the lives of my family and friends. And I do not want a machine to control how I spend my time.

So I have been doing more creating, more song-writing, more music practice, more reading, and more of almost everything else over the past couple of weeks. I haven't checked blogs (and honestly, there are some that I have really missed!), I haven't made treasuries on Etsy, I haven't listed too many things in Etsy, I haven't posted much on Etsy team threads or on Facebook, and I haven't sent many emails. Have I suffered much from that? Nope. Not really. It's true that I haven't made many online sales either. But I haven't had much luck in that area all year, really.

How I will use this lesson I am not sure yet. I know that when winter rolls around again, I will probably hibernate more and thus spend more time with online friends via emails, blogs, FB, treasuries, and threads, but for now, I think I will try to limit my computer time to an hour or so a day. And that time is just about up for today.

But before I sign off for the present, here are some images to prove that I actually have been working on art, both visual and musical, although I can't show you the musical work here (you'll just have to trust me when I say there are several songs at various points in progress). The painting above had been sitting in my studio, half completed for quite some time. So I finally got around to finishing it up and listing it on Etsy. And below are the newest scrimshaw pieces. A couple have been listed; the others will be soon.

Under the Sea bookmark, complete with fun lampworked glass fish and disc beads...

Dance of Life necklace with beautiful boro glass bead in garden colors, on leather...

Flutterbys and Ferns pendant, on flexible black wire with freshwater pearls and crystals...

Butterflies bookmark with aqua lampworked glass bead...

Ear Birds earrings, on sterling silver with autumn-colored lampworked glass beads and Swarovski crystals...

Sing to Me bookmark with aqua and brown porcelain bead and river stone lampworked glass bead...

Be patient with me... if you're looking for blog posts or if you're looking for my comments on your blogs. Trust me when I say that I value my online friends and that I think of you often, because I truly do. And when time allows, I will be visiting your blogs and I'll be adding new posts here. Until then, hug the ones you love, dance in the candlelight, sing a little song, and breathe the fresh air. That's what I'll be doing.


  1. You & I - once again - on the same page. I stopped reading blogs back in mid summer. It began to feel like "work" to try to keep up! And we've already shared our recent lack of interest in FB.
    The heat made me so sedentary this summer. It drained me emotionally and physically. The computer can so easily become a crutch - just something to pass the time... a habit... and I've never been much of one to hold a crutch for very long.
    So July was a blur of blahs, but as August has moved forward I've missed meaning, quality, and realness. Like you I am cutting it off more, leaving it off longer, and enjoying all things un-computer-like instead.

    It's good! I certainly feel much better anyway. Much much better than my own obligatory blog posts to be sure.......

    So hugs back - and enjoy your living, too! More in person chats, music events, and walks in the woods for us both I hope! :)

  2. You're not the only one! I was going to write a new post entitled MIA, since I haven't blogged much lately, but then I decided to read a couple of blogs instead before heading back downstairs to the kitchen and our tomatoes. Summer takes me everywhere but online and that's fine with me.
    I'm not a computer person and can easily live without mine, although I do enjoy having a few online shops.
    Love your new work~

  3. Rebecca, thank you for this thoughtful and comforting post! You definitely are not alone in your feelings - it seems the computers are taking over our lives more and more with each passing day. In fact, I've just resolved to do something about it too and you've given me the extra little reassuring push I needed spend more time living (and yes, working) offline.

    You've certainly used your down time to wonderful advantage. Your newly completed painting is an absolute delight, and I fall more deeply in love with your scrimshaw work with every piece you show us!

    I've missed you, it's true, but knowing what you're up to and knowing that it's all so good ... well, keep at it my friend!

    xoxo Mollie

  4. I've been working hard in my animal store... listing lovely fabrics & new animal themed silk tapestry boxes there. come visit when you get a chance ! Also... come read today's blog if you want to see a personal project that i worked on this summer. I think you will like it very much !

    Otherwise I've been blogging everyday because ArtFire began its Collection series and I'm in about 40 of them. So, I'm trying to do something completely different. Trying to make a living online is so much work but i refuse to do Facebook or Twitter- i draw the line there :)

    Wishing you well Rebecca !

  5. No computer? OMG!

    You know I'm joking. Since we have dial-up, I do as little as possible online and don't use the computer much otherwise. You and I both prefer real life.

    Love you.

  6. rebecca~ truly, i think we are all in the same boat! thank you for sharing this and your wonderful real honesty...i too, deeply appreciate my online friends but also appreciate the time i can spend outside and with family and friends during our short summer months~ i have felt absent and neglectful online but have been reminding myself to trust what good people you all are and hope you'll be patient with my 'irregular appearances' as well.

    Your new pieces are wonderful~ full of inspiration and fresh energy~ enjoy your day, everyone.

    big hugs,
    karon xo

  7. I think we all need to take sabbaticals from the computer. We seem to be tethered to them for so many reasons and while there the time just slips away. Your new creations are lovely....

  8. Hi Rebecca: A thoughtful post here; For me, the topic of this one seems to be about choices in how to use time and creative energy and you document beautifully, the path you are taking now. Always an interesting challenge for all of us, I think, to choose how to 'relate" to time! For me, being on the computer to connect with people or to find things is important, so I know a day will usually include much of that..
    I am liking seeing your new work.

  9. Wow!
    Can I copy this and put it on my new Blog....?
    Wait! I've put off actually having a Blog until I feel like I can devote time to it, which means, possibly, never...or not for a long while.....! :)

    You, my Beautiful and Thoughtful friend, are RIGHT ON and one of the BIG lessons I have learned this year (and continue to learn every day....) is about *b*a*l*a*n*c*e and how to do that with the real and virtual worlds that I live in. To say I spend a lot of time on the internet is an understatement as it's kind of my "job" right now as Team Leader to do so, and I do it with Love and Gratitude, always. But I have had to step back, quite often, and make choices about exactly Where my 4-5 hours online every day are spent. It's hard Rebecca, and the thought of just turning off and walking away has crossed my mind numerous times when I have felt totally wired and overloaded. You are a True Inspiration to me!!

    Thank You for this Post, I am going to print it and hang it next to my computer as a gentle reminder to walk away from the Virtual world and into the Real world more often.
    Your new creations are Stunning! I LOVE those Birdie earrings....wish I wore them, but can't anymore. But your scrimshaw is just Super FUNtastic and I KNOW you will do well...

  10. I am on the exact same page. I have definitely been much more inspired to be out living life than sitting on the computer;)

    And, beautiful pieces as always!