Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts: Winter Dreams

With temperatures hovering at 97 and the North Carolina humidity high as a kite, my thoughts sometimes turn towards the cooler months and the brisk December air. Though I have truly been enjoying the summer sun and the wonderful greens of the garden and the trees, I feel a strong need for a winter reminder. So I'm sharing with you today some Etsy finds to cool us off a bit. Enjoy!

Polar Bear lampworked glass sculpture by koicreek

Gorgeous Winter vase, one of a kind by earthfired

Winter Moon ring by littlebugjewelry

Beveled Star window ornament by theglassmenagerie

Winter Storm photograph by SpruceConnect

Winter Birch watercolor by paintingsonpalmer

Chickadee in Snow by naturemandalas

Stunning ruffled felt jacket by cotylee

Winter Memory earrings by PoleStar

Sweet winter blocks for your shelf by lisabees

Breathe deeply, enjoy the moment, and remember to buy handmade!


  1. Oh this is so lovely. I love that winter storm print! Thank you so much for including my earrings!

  2. Somewhere on the other side of the globe... its full winter already... brrrr...

  3. Not ready to think about winter yet, but beautiful finds! Thank you for including me among them!

  4. Rebecca, these are gorgeous choices! I took the opposite route today with my Favorites of the Week...I picked Sand and Sea. Hope you'll stop by to check them out. I like your way of doing things better than mine. Not as many items but showcased much better I think.
    Blessings, Vicki

  5. Oh Rebecca! Sooooo refreshing and I love that chickadee and that Winter Moon ring!!! All your picks are cool and peaceful! xoxo Cait

  6. Very beautiful way to cool off, Rebecca!!

  7. What a beautiful collection! It is just as hot and humid in Fort Worth so I'm dreaming of October evenings. Less than 100 days until Halloween! I'm getting excited already!!!