Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Coolin' It on Indian Creek Trail

Last night, just before we went to sleep, John said, "You wanna go for a hike tomorrow?" I asked questions, as I always do (often much to his dismay), and after getting some details, happily said, "Sounds good to me!"

This morning dawned gray and overcast... perfect weather for a hike. We are so blessed to live about a mile down the road from a beautiful state park, and that's where we headed at about 8:30 or so. Camera in hand, dog treats in pocket, away we went... in two cars: one to leave at the end of the trail and one to drive up into the park where the trail begins, at the Visitor Center.

From the beginning of the trail, hikers head down, down, down a path and some granite stairs to reach Window Falls. It's steep enough to give you a good workout, especially if you're going to turn around and head back the way you came, which we did not.

From there, the trail gets narrower and much more shady. The song of the water accompanied us, though surprisingly we heard few birds. And we saw no other people, though sad to say that there were signs (a plastic water bottle and a forgotten pair of socks) that people had been there before us.

Abby enjoyed the water, which was fun for us because although she has Labrador Retriever in her ancestry, she doesn't usually like to get her feet wet. Today, however, she walked right into the creek and cooled off. I tried to get some photos of her, but she just couldn't be still long enough. There were some nice little hidden pools, perfect for skinny dipping, and don't think I didn't think about it!

As we hiked, John noticed things like trees struck by lightning, places that looked burned, and we speculated about those. But typically, I turned my focus to things at my feet... like fungi.

All too soon, we reached the part of the trail where we'd parked our car. I could've spent the whole day on this trail, but Abby was pretty tired, and I was getting a little hungry too. So we headed back up to where we'd parked the truck, took in a final view of the mountain behind the Visitor's Center, and came on home, determined to do more hiking and enjoy the park and the nearby river more often.


  1. Hey, Rebecca; Thanks for the hike and the beautiful pix!Lovely to live so near to such a wonderful park.

  2. Looks like a wonderful hike. I always enjoying hiking when you have the trail to yourself!

  3. Ok that's it. I managed (not without difficulty) stay away from your homemade salsa, but your hike this morning is more than I can stand. Joe and I are moving in with you and that's that. ;)
    xoxo Mollie

  4. That was a lovely hike and I didn't feel a thing ! lol.
    I agree with Mollie... let us know when you open a B&B at your place :)

    Hugs, Nicole

  5. Once upon a time when I had a Brownie Troop we did a day at Hanging Rock and took this trail. At the time my girl and I were weekly, or at lease bi-weekly hikers. Even at that young age she could easily do a couple of steep miles. But the rest of them ranged from active to not so much. It was a rough day for some! lol! Ahh well. They had fun splishing in creeks and such. And we finished up at the lower falls in the pool, which helped.

    Wonder why we don't do that anymore???? hmmm.....

  6. thanks for taking us along on your fabulous hike rebecca! beautiful!

  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful part of the world. I've said it before...this must be what heaven looks like! The B&B comment sparked my interest! I'm ready for a month's vacation with you guys!