Monday, October 17, 2011

Altering Reality

I've spent some time over the past several weeks working with some photographs, altering them so that they often look nothing like the photograph I actually took.  Here is the first photo I worked with... it's one that I took a couple years ago and saved because I knew I would eventually do something with it.

I did some experimentation in my photo program and a design program, and then simply worked with a variety of changes and layers to create the new altered look.  These changes took hours of sitting in front of the computer, sometimes deleting what I'd done, sometimes starting over, but always working and working to get the right look that I wanted. When I felt pretty good about how things were looking, of course I saved my files and began listing them in my Kneedeeporiginals on Etsy shop.  Here are a couple of the altered photos I made from this original shadow photograph... which is me, by the way, taking a picture of my shadow.


Here are some other photos and their alterations.

This coathanger with waterdrops became a Raven and Heart photograph.

And then it became these birds...

This photo was taken at Chateau Morrisette Winery... chinese lanterns under their big outdoor tent.  I turned it into something entirely different.

And this flower petal, in a heart shape, fell to the ground and became yet one more bird image.

You can find all these images and more in my Etsy shop by following this link.  Until next time, make the most of your reality and if you can, find ways to make it better!

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