Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow

Summer is upon us, at least with the temperatures... hot and humid 90s.  Though I'd rather have 80 degrees, I'll take what we've got, after that long, hard, and very cold winter!

Here are a few shots from our current garden scene.  First, fruits; next, flowers; then, veggies; and a few  accessories.

June Apples



Daddy Long Legs



Hostas behind the house 

Lettuce and Snow Peas under a shade cloth

Green Beans and Tomatoes

Snow Pea Blossoms

Yellow Squash 


Four Rows of Corn 


Old Bones in the Flower Garden

So far, we've been enjoying wonderful fresh greens and snow peas in our almost-daily salads, and we're really looking forward to fresh tomato sandwiches!!  Of course, with luck, good weather, and diligence, there will be much canning to be done.  Our motto: eat what you grow, grow what you eat.  Not a bad way to live.


  1. a very good motto and a beautiful, healthy garden ... I am so happy that you shared!

  2. oh ya... way wonderful ! How about okras ?

    We had a very cool May and the beginning of june is drizzly & wet. We will have to replant our warm weather seeds- its been so cold.

    Thanks for posting such wondrous beauties :)

  3. All my favorites except the spider! I will say it again....you have a slice of heaven! Seeing what you have accomplished makes me want a garden, but city folks just don't get the same results! Have a great and delicious week!